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Our Vision


Our vision is to have a Burundian friendly society that will enable all Burundians to reach their potential. As an umbrella organisation, we want our members to view the CBC as an entity that best represents them. So the work of the CBC must reflect the values that which members hold dear.

We will listen to, and act upon, the needs of Burundians and we will foster a feeling of togetherness for all of our membership.

Our priorities include regional development, to support the growth of grassroots local CBC associations. We also want to grow the befriending network and we will continue to develop the Burundian-friendly society within the CBC and build a culture of total quality.

The constitution

We, members of the CBC, are:
� Conscious that the cohesion within our community is a prelude to succeed for any project,
� Determined to safeguard and strengthen our social and cultural heritage wherever we are,
� Aware that we have common aspirations and same economical, social and cultural needs
� Convinced that our combined talents and efforts will definitely be of invaluable contribution to any member of the Burundian diaspora of Coventry.


1. Full membership shall be open to any person interested in furthering the objectives of the association and will not be limited on grounds of race, gender, age, religion persuasion or others' opinions.
2. The association shall be composed of effective members, honour members and sympathisers.
3. Burundian and other nationals who want to become members shall be required to give annual contribution as shall be agreed upon.
4. Every member shall have one vote and be entitled to be nominated to the Management committee.
5. Members below the age of 18 however shall have the right to vote and cannot be elected on the management committee.
6. Members shall have the right to resign from the association by notifying the Management committee.
7. A member of the association will have the right to some privileges among other reductions at the time of cultural activities